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Strategic Communications

PRS facilitates and champions projects that require timely delivery of public information.

  • Public Information Management
  • Emergency Public Information
  • Focus Groups and Surveys
  • Community Education & Government
  • Community Relations

Stakeholder Engagement

Public participation is a process, not a single event.

We roll up our sleeves establishing contacts and alliances within communities to gain meaningful feedback to incorporate the considerations of all perspectives critical to a project’s success.

  • Community Relations
  • Focus Groups
  • Outreach and Public Participation
  • Communications Strategy
  • Stakeholder Identification

Strategic Planning

Our team employs a systems-based approach.

This approach works well in developing the total sum of the necessary actions a company, organization, or municipality must adopt on the path to realizing long-term objectives.

  • Organizational Strategy
  • Operational Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Plan Implementation

Public Relations

PRS forges individualized relationships.

Including journalists, the media, and public relations professionals to optimize the scope of each project’s comprehensive strategy.

  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Brand Positioning
  • Storytelling


A communication and project management approach emphasizing equal participation.

As well as inclusivity, efficiency, and synergy that delivers a more effective platform for innovation, risk mitigation, and compelling solutions.

  • On-Site and Virtual
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Issue Resolution
  • Team Collaboration
  • Community Engagement

Public Process Consulting

Directly engaging and updating the public throughout the decision-making process is essential.

This engagement benefits our clients by helping in identifying collaborative solutions and demonstrating shared values.

  • Community Outreach
  • Public Process Planning
  • Issue Identification
  • Public Meetings


PRS delivers a game plan.

For growth through training and development strategies to engage and empower each person.

  • Workshops / Team Development
  • Risk Assessment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Escalation Planning

Project Marketing

PRS provides a progressive means to inform a project.

We deliver strategies for a project, initiative, or service with a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to project and campaign branding.

  • Launch and Execution Strategy
  • Graphics
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Project Branding and Development

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