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Your partner in dynamic outreach and engagement strategies, strategic planning and project communications expert. We will walk miles with you.

Strategic Communications

PRS facilitates and champions projects that require timely delivery of public information.

  • Communications Planning and Strategy
  • Emergency Public Information
  • Focus Groups and Surveys
  • Community Education & Government
  • Community Relations

Public Process Consulting

Directly engaging and updating the public throughout the decision-making process is essential.

Identify collaborative solutions and demonstrate shared values.

  • Community Outreach
  • Public Process Planning
  • Issue Identification
  • Public Meetings

Stakeholder Engagement

Public participation is a process, not a single event.

We roll up our sleeves establishing contacts and alliances within communities to gain meaningful feedback to incorporate the considerations of all perspectives critical to a project’s success.

  • Community Relations
  • Focus Groups
  • Outreach and Public Participation
  • Communications Strategy
  • Stakeholder Identification

Strategic Planning

Our team employs a systems-based approach.

This approach works well in developing the total sum of the necessary actions a company, organization, or municipality must adopt on the path to realizing long-term objectives.

  • Organizational Strategy
  • Operational Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Plan Implementation

Public Relations

PRS forges individualized relationships.

Including journalists, the media, and public relations professionals to optimize the scope of each project’s comprehensive strategy.

  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Brand Positioning
  • Storytelling


PRS delivers a game plan.

Engage and empower through training and professional development strategies.

  • Workshops / Team Development
  • Risk Assessment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Escalation Planning


A project management approach emphasizing equal participation.

Inclusivity, efficiency, and synergy deliver a more effective platform for innovation, risk management, and compelling solutions.

  • On-Site and Virtual
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Issue Resolution
  • Team Collaboration
  • Community Engagement

Project Marketing

PRS provides a progressive means to inform a project.

We deliver strategies for a project, initiative, or service with a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to project and campaign branding.

  • Launch and Execution Strategy
  • Graphics
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Project Branding and Development