480 Donegan

480 Donegan

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Description: 480 Donegan is envisioned to be a multifamily apartment community opening diverse housing opportunities for all people who want to be part of our high-quality of life in Glenwood Springs. This new neighborhood is designed with a diversity of housing types, providing a sense of place, improving economic development opportunities, and aligning with future planning areas in West Glenwood.

The proposed development includes the construction of 360 mixed residential units to include one, two, and three-bedroom multifamily apartments, townhomes, and live-work studio units in eight total buildings. A total of 10% of affordable housing units are proposed consistent with Glenwood’s new affordable housing ordinance. Other significant aspects of the project include a 2,000 square foot restaurant (open to the public), a 10,000 square foot clubhouse, and 20% of the parcel designated as park and open space. Studio units will provide more attainable rent in today’s competitive housing market.

Project Vision: 480 Donegan responds to the critical need for housing, but it goes beyond a bedroom community to thoughtfully consider the quality of life for the future tenants considering amenities such as a fitness gym, pool, dining and live-work units. With common open spaces, desirable amenities, and easy access to commercial and outdoor recreational activities, 480 Donegan will reflect local community values that fit the West Glenwood area.


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