Aspen Pedestrian Mall

Aspen Pedestrian Mall

With an eye on the past and an ear in the present, PRS has been directing outreach on the City of Aspen’s Pedestrian Mall improvement public process project from 2017- 2019. Through dynamic citizen engagement, design concept cultivation, and construction bidding, the ongoing conceptual design process has been aimed at improving the aging infrastructure and enhancing vitality in the 130,000-sq. ft. city center while preserving the character that earned the treasured four-block area a historic landmark designation. PRS has served as the official project spokesperson and led public involvement activities and stakeholder coordination, including with over 50 businesses.

After the concept of a pedestrian mall in Aspen was first introduced in 1956, it finally came to fruition in 1976 with a design from Frank Lloyd Wright-trained architect Robin Molny and 315,000 bricks from St. Louis. (photo)


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