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Eastwood Developments

About this Project

Our team works closely with Eastwood Snowmass Investors and Eastwood Developments on crafting and executing an integrated project marketing, communications and outreach strategy for a large scale infill development in the heart of Snowmass Village and projects throughout Carbondale, Colorado. We serve as a critical member of the project team, providing communications consulting services, project website development and public project advocates. Each of the highly visible projects require a thought practice and disciplined approach to public relations and complex project delivery.


Eastwood Snowmass Investors and Eastwood Developments


Snowmass Center Redevelopment

The Snowmass Center redevelopment final plan was unanimously approved by the Snowmass Village Town Council in 2020. This balanced plan will create new community commercial opportunities, improved connectivity, a residential neighborhood, and community hub anchored by a new Main Street.

Eastwood Carbondale Projects

HWY 133 Self Storage

• Self-storage program supports current building sizes in production
• On-site employee housing offsets its own housing needs
• Site consistent with the Carbondale Master Plan as a target parcel for annexation
• Desirable sidewalk connections will be created
• The zoning is consistent with the Carbondale Master Plan
• Site design creates a generous and attractive landscape at the entrance to Carbondale, with integrated public art (murals and sculpture)
• Vehicular access follows CDOT required access control plan: right turn in, right turn out
• Traffic impacts minimal and appropriate for the access limitations
• Use offsets its own energy demands with onsite renewables
• Net zero ready super-efficient building [with potential energy bank locations or net positive ready design]

579 Main Street | Now


Eastwood Carbondale welcomes the opportunity to partner with the Town, local businesses and non-profits again this spring, summer and fall. This lot will be used for special events like First Fridays and Mountain Fair.

579 Main Street | Future


This is a privately owned, mixed use development site. The site will be developed in keeping with the Carbondale development codes, including providing community housing.

We are located in the Historic Commercial Core Zone of the Town. This site site at the gateway to Main Street. The architecture will be designed to integrate into Carbondale’s unique downtown character.

More detail & project direction to come in 2022.

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