Colorado Low Head Dam Safety Initiative

Colorado Low Head Dam Safety Initiative

Public Outreach Campaign

PRS created and launched a statewide public safety campaign around low head dams on Colorado rivers and streams for the Department of Natural Resources. The safety campaign takes aim at Colorado’s river recreationists and visitors. It includes radio, digital and social media education and awareness content.

Low Head Dam Awareness

Designed to educate the public about the presence and necessary safety precautions surrounding low head dams to convey the drowning dangers that low head dams present to river users. Public safety at low head dams is becoming an increasingly important issue as the population of Colorado increases and citizens recreate more and more on waterways within the state.

Other elements of the effort will include training for first responders who conduct rescues at low head dams and signage at selected low head dam sites to direct river users to safety before going over the dams.


Colorado Department of Natural Resources


Public Safety and Awareness Campaign

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