Project Resource Studio is a strategic communications and project management firm focused on navigating complex projects and supporting project teams in all aspects of community relations, communications, and project delivery.


We help organizations realize what is possible.


We support extraordinary project teams and support each stage of the project from concept to completion.


We lift everyone up in the process.


Working with Project Resource Studio in times of challenging political environments and multiple stakeholders requires leadership, effective communication, and a well-defined approach and plan.

Kathleen Wanatowicz

Kathleen Wanatowicz founded Project Resource Studio in 2014 to help tackle some of the most challenging communication needs across Colorado.The firm has evolved and refined its approach to client engagements. Our focus is on placemaking, infrastructure investments, developing community housing projects and connecting large scale community needs to solutions.

Project Resource Studio is passionate about working the problem, connecting synergies from all parties, and building something beautiful whether it be a project that needs strategy, community understanding and support or an issue that needs awareness, resources, and people.

We will walk miles with you.

Project Resource Studio


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Real Estate Development  Community Development Land Use Mixed Use Projects Housing Resort Development Infrastructure Transportation and Mobility Aviation


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